Artwork Grades?

The new IB VA course places emphasis on 3 areas of production – Theoretical practice, Art-making practice and Curatorial practice. What are these practices?  From the course handbook, they are visual arts in context, visual art methods and communicating visual arts.

Find your weak areas and focus improvement effort there. All of you have a weak understanding of art theory. We will begin regular investigations on the history and context of artworks weekly.

You can see from these 3 things that the artwork itself is not mentioned for assessment. How do I arrive at a grade for your artwork? Here is the screen shot from the Internal Assessment for Exhibition – 2 things are addressed concerning the artwork. These markbands will be considered for each artwork, but I will use the old rubric, StudioRubric for each artwork grade. The Exhibition rubric alone will be used for the Internal Assessment -final exam Exhibition.

Exhbition IA Rubric

Exhbition IA Rubric

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