Photography Checklist for Process Portfolio

When developing photo based artworks, you will need to pay special attention to getting your process into the Process Portfolio. It is easy to forget about this until it is too late.

1. Difference between analog and dslr camera,pros and cons..

2.Research between color and b/w photography with photographers(min3)

3.Before taking photograph, sketches of different frameworks.

4.Research on textures(if it is included their themes)

5.Darkroom process if used.

6.Difference between photography and other 2D media.

7. Pinhole camera if used -history-process-making-result..

8.Cyanotype process(part of darkroom) if used. You can get help from Alternative photography, on google.

9.Screen shots of Photoshop/Lightroom editing

10. Final piece of works either papers or any other materials(photograph can be develop in 3D surface also)

11.Notes on knowledge of aperture, shutter speed etc(detail info of how camera works)…

12. Art/culture/history connections to your theme

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