Process Portfolio – What are examiners looking for?

For the process portfolio, examiners are looking for:

– the sustained experimentation and manipulation of a range of skills, techniques and processes, showing the ability to select and use materials appropriate to their intentions;
– critical investigation of artists, artworks and artistic genres, communicating the student’s growing awareness of how this investigation influences and impacts upon their own developing art-making practices and intentions;
– the ability to clearly articulate how their initial ideas and intentions have been formed and developed and how they have assimilated technical skills, chosen media and ideas to develop their work further;
– the ability to review and refine selected ideas, skills, processes and techniques, and to reflect on the acquisition of skills and their development as a visual artist;
– ensure that information is conveyed clearly and coherently in a visually appropriate and legible manner, supported by the consistent use of appropriate subject-specific language.

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